The legendary Cher was preparing for residencies in Las Vegas as well as the east coast when her longtime Production Manager, Gilbert “Porkchop” Castillega, partnered with ACASS-SYSTEMS to bring her elaborate production to life.

Cher’s vision was grand! Our in-house design team created precise drawings of the smallest details so that the fabrication would be flawless. ACASS-SYSTEMS designed, engineered and fabricated everything for her current production from the the 20 foot wide precision cut chandelier that conceals moving lights to the intricate laser cut lanterns (pictured) to the ModLock decking that was customized for each venue.

The staging system included custom leveling feet and adjustable monitor shelves, both quickly lock into the deck. Also, custom set carts also make each load-in a breeze. The ornate baltic birchwood window boxes were precisely routed and embedded with LED components while the automated dome continues the majestic golden theme and is comprised of laser cut aluminum plates that were carefully rolled in order to create the dramatic curves desired by the legendary artist. All of the scenic elements including the majestic staircase, fascia, doorways, portals, handrail, lanterns and even the dome were painstakingly painted in order to achieve their golden metallic sheen.

Having a member of the ACASS-SYSTEMS team on site for each load-in also assured that our  partner was supported and any last minute changes were facilitated as quickly as possible.

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