The lighting designer, Steven Douglas, for The Killers’ “Wonderful, Wonderful” Tour came to ACASS-SYSTEMS with an engineering challenge. The design called for a pyramid shaped LED structure upstage of the band on which all frames would set on a 45°angle. A square configuration is more often requested, so a creative and custom solution was necessary. ACASS needed the ability to flip the frames 45 degrees while assuring that they would still load in quickly and safely. There was also the challenge of perfecting the video registration at an angle. Doing so requires tougher machining practices, even more than the already tight tolerances that ACASS normally utilizes.

The solution: instead of building the LED in a straight line, one at a time, it was determined that a “brick laying” configuration would allow each LED to slide into place. This solution called for the custom engineering of the attachment points.

In order to facilitate the smoothest load ins possible, ACASS also designed and manufactured custom carts for each frame. These carts [picture to the right] allow the crew to set up each frame while it was held in place at a 45 degree angle, like a cradle.

The finished product may appear to be deceptively simple because it looks like a logical solution. However, it is a solution that did not exist before. The frames go in quickly, safely and save production on labor costs. ACASS designed, engineered and manufactured these custom frames and carts for The Killers, offering a custom turn-key solution for Steven Douglas’ brilliant upstage pyramid design.

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