When Nanonation wanted to utilize all local vendors to create a one-of-a-kind viewer experience at the Sandhills Publishing corporate headquarters in Lincoln NE, they partnered with ACASS-SYSTEMS to make their vision a reality.

The concept consisted of two video walls: One that is flat and the second that must bend around a 90° corner. For the second wallwe needed to design, engineer and fabricate a solution that used LED cabinets with a minimal seam that wrapped around that corner.

The solution: ACASS-SYSTEMS engineered a video wall that bends via a mitred seam. The LED has a minimal gap for a nearly seamless video wrap. The indoor video wall is high resolution with a  1.9mm pixel pitch. This solution would not have been possible without our on site precision machining capabilities paired with confidence in our tolerancing. Together with Nanonation we were able to produce the desired effect and create this experience for every guest of Sandhills Publishing.

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