About Us

The ultimate mission of ACASS is to serve the artists and designers by providing them creative flexibility.

At ACASS we believe that a designer should never have to compromise their vision and when it is realized, the crew should also trust that it will be user-friendly, road worthy and thoughtfully designed.

CEO Aaron Cass

Aaron is known for his experience touring with The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Britney Spears. He left the road and started ACASS-SYSTEMS. Over the course of his years of touring, he was discovering ways to create better and more effective solutions. Aaron started ACASS-SYSTEMS with a single vision to design, create and provide the industry with superior products and solutions.

Built by roadies for roadies.

ACASS-SYSTEMS gear is built by roadies for roadies. We are standing by to meet your needs with complete automation packages, rolling stages, elevators and truly turnkey-custom solutions that mirror your creative visions.

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